Emergency: Dial 911, and give street number and name: # 1039 Caravan Lane, Minden HILLS, ONTARIO, Nearest intersections: Off Hwy 35, North of Mozart Drive, South of Moore lake estates rd.

1. PAYMENTS: Seasonal charges are to be paid in full on the 1st of May every year by cheque or e-transfer.   Deposits for the next season to be paid by September long weekend  (Labor Day) with post-dated cheque for 1st of May of following year for the owing balance.  All payments are not a subject to refund. Changes in opening and closing of park, from other causes, act of God, weather, pandemic, and government regulations/laws including Health Unit, not caused directly by Lutterworth Valley Trailer Park Ltd. and its owners, is not subject to refunds and discounts.  $60 charge for cheques returned by a bank. $50 charge is added to accounts on the day after a payment becomes due and monthly thereafter. RV units, trailers, boats and motors brought into the park are not to be removed until all charges have been paid in full by cash. Hydro charges to be paid by Labour Day. 

2. VISITORS: All visitors must register and pay at the office upon arrival.  Visitors caught not registering will be charged double or asked to leave the park.  All unregistered people are considered trespassers.

3. TAXES: All taxes imposed by governments are added to customer accounts even if the tax is announced after initial registration.

4. MAIL: No mail/parcels to be mailed/shipped to the park’s address.

5. TRAILER SITES: Only one trailer may be on site with 2 adults (spouse or partner only) and their 2 dependant children (up to 18 years of age).  No switching of sites. Not returning campers have to remove everything off the site 7 days prior to closing of season.

6. BOAT AND UTILITY TRAILERS: Trailers are to be stored in designated parking area, not be left on camping sites, during season. All boat trailers and ALL utility trailers are required to be paid in full by May 1st, appropriate site tag to be attached (fee applies).  Untagged trailers will be towed at owner’s expense. 

7. TRAILER LENDING: Trailer can be lend (when owner not present) for up to 3 people with park’s management prior approval.  Additional fee applies. No AirBnB.

8. SALE OF TRAILER: Trailers are not to be sold or advertised for sale while located on park property unless park management acts as sales agent.   Trailers sold in the park must have a prior Propane Pressure Test done on site.

9. REMOVED TRAILER: Once trailer is removed site must be cleaned up otherwise minimum of $1,000 clean up fee apply.

10. RV TRAILER REPAIR: All RV trailer repairs have to be reported and approved to park’s management. 

11. LIABILITY: The owners and staff of Lutterworth Valley Trailer Park LTD. do not accept any liability for pandemic illness and injury of any kind resulting from the use of the grounds and facilities of the park, nor do they accept responsibility for the damage or loss of personal property brought into the park.  Including acts of god, tree damage, wind, rain, hail, pandemic, and etc. 

12. INSURANCE: Trailer and boat owners must carry adequate insurance on their own property. Lutterworth Valley Trailer Park insures only its own property. It does not insure the property of its customers.

13. DAMAGE: Users are to pay full cost of damage to park or equipment that is caused by them, members of their group or their pets.

14. SERVICE INTERRUPTIONS: Occasionally there may be interruptions (including weather conditions) in park water, septic, electrical services, road access, and other situations out of our control. Such problems will be corrected as quickly as possible. There will be no adjustments in fees of such interruptions.

15. WATER/HYDRO/ROAD SERVICE: Subject to weather conditions, water service/hydro service is turned on the first day of season in May and turned off Thanksgiving Monday. Road access is weather dependent. Campers are not permitted to attach any water hoses, hooks, hose reels, satellite dishes, etc on the water main posts and hydro posts. Hose splitters must be removed at end of the season.

16. QUIET HOURS: Quiet hours are from 11 p.m. to 9 a.m. each night except Saturday night from 12 a.m. to 9 a.m.

17. NOISE: Loud noise is not permitted at any time. Sound systems are to be controlled so as not to disturb others. Power tools may only be used for short periods of time and never before 9 a.m. or after 7 p.m.   Customer-operated chain saws are not permitted.

18. PROPANE: All trailers (including brand new) coming into the park have to have a Propane Safety Pressure Test done on site within 2 weeks.  Only regulated propane cylinders having a capacity of 100 pounds or less are permitted. Propane cylinders must be securely mounted on trailers or barbecues. 

19. SEWAGE: Sewage including gray water is not to be discharged from trailers onto the ground or into pits. Such items as sanitary napkins, diapers, dental floss, and 3 ply toilet paper are not to be put in toilets or the park sewage system. All trailer sewage connections must be solid pipe (not flex) and properly sealed.

20. SPEED LIMIT: The park speed limit is 10 km/h maximum.

21. MOTOR VEHICLES: Only licensed and insured vehicles operated by licensed drivers are permitted on park property. Mopeds, mini-bikes, golf carts, and ATV's are not to be operated on park property. Absolutely no power washing and repair of vehicles, including ATVs, boats, boat trailers, utility trailers.

22. BICYCLES: Persons operating bicycles on park property should wear helmets. Bicycles operated in an unsafe manner will be confiscated and returned at the end of the season.

23. FIRES: Campfires must be kept small and away (at least 3 meters) from buildings, trailers, vehicles, underground service lines and trees. 5 gallon bucket of water is required at all times. Burning campfires must be attended at all times.  Campfires must be extinguished completely before left unattended.

24. FIREWOOD: Firewood for use in fire pits must be purchased at the store. Park trees and shrubs are not to be cut down or damaged. No pickup loads of firewood to be brought into the park.

25. FIREARMS: Firearms including pellet guns and air rifles are not permitted or to be used anywhere on the park property.

26. FIREWORKS: Fireworks are not to be set off on park property.

27. GARBAGE: Garbage is to be put in clear plastic bags and placed in the containers provided. Dead leaves, brush, pine needles, big cardboard, propane cylinders, and construction material are to be disposed at Minden Landfill station by camper. Dump cards available at office.

28. TRAILERS: Trailers brought into the park to be parked seasonally are to be professionally-built, in good condition, equipped with camper-type toilet and not over the size limit for the site rented.  No washer/dryer is permitted inside the trailer. Trailers brought into the park may not be older than 10 years or to the discretion of the park management.

29. TRAILER SKIRTING: Only professionally-made trailer skirting or lattice is to be used to skirt trailers.

30. TENTS:  Tents are not permitted in the park.

31. SITE LANDSCAPING AND IMPROVEMENTS: Seasonal guests are encouraged to improve their sites through the planting of trees, shrubs and flowers. All alterations require consent of management.  No gravel/pebble stones.  Trailer sites must be left in good condition when vacated as they were when first rented.  Lawn mowing is each campers’ responsibility on their site.   Uncut grass will be cut by the park staff at site camper’s expense ($30 per cut).

32. TREES AND SHRUBS: Trees and shrubs, dead or alive, are not to be cut down or damaged. Nails and similar objects are not to be put in trees.

33. PETS: Seasonal camper may bring ONLY ONE quiet/gentle pet into the park. Certain pet breeds have to be approved by the park management.  Classified as dangerous and/or guard dogs are not allowed. Please contact park staff to check. Pets are not permitted on the beach, in washrooms, store or in the recreation centre. Pets must be kept on leashes and pet owners must "pick up" after them. Pet waste must be disposed into the BIG BIN ONLY.  Pets must not be left unattended in the campground (ie. tied up at campsite without responsible adult present on the site). Pets can be left inside your trailer unattended.  Guests to come without pets.

34. BEACH: The beach and swimming area is unsupervised. Use beach at own risk. Campfires, glass containers, boats, canoes, pedal boats, and pets are not permitted on the beach. The beach is closed between the hours of 9 p.m. and 8 a.m.

35. DECKS AND SHEDS: With the prior consent of park management, decks have to be approved and factory-built sheds may be permitted.  Sheds not to exceed 108 sq ft. 

36. DOCKS: Swimming, tubing and water skiing are not permitted from or near the docks. Boats including canoes and pedal boats are not to be left on the shore or walkways. Assigned dock slips are not to lend out to other campers.  All items must be removed from docks and walkways prior end of each season, if not will be disposed.

37. ADD-A-ROOMS: Home built add-a-rooms are not permitted. ONLY Factory build Patio Enclosures screen porches and add-a-rooms (Florida Rooms) may be built with prior park’s management approval.

38. YOUTHS: Youths under the age of 18 are not to stay in the park alone unless accompanied by their parents or guardians.

39. DRUGS: Lutterworth Valley Trailer Park does not allow the use of any illegal drugs and Cannabis.  Prohibits: use, distribution, sale, cultivation, and growing.

40. WINTER STORAGE: RV Trailer winter storage is only included if contract is renewed for following season. Boat on the trailer to be stored in the designated storage area parking or on site, if boat fee is renewed for following season.  Only items to be left on the site during the off-season are RV trailer, deck, and shed.

41. CAMPERS RESPONSIBILITY: Campers are responsible for the observance of the campground rules personally and/or by their immediate family members, guests, visitors or other persons attending at the seasonal site or in the campground with the occupant's permission or knowledge.

42. CAMPER RULES: Campers who fail to abide by or abuse the park rules and fail to co-operate with management of Lutterworth Valley Trailer Park will receive immediate notice to leave, without refund.